Marketing is a conversation and Amy’s book will help you take it to a higher place.

Tim Sanders

About the book Win Win Marketing: A refreshing ‘let’s get back to basics’ guide to marketing. Novices and seasoned marketers alike will benefit from these surprisingly simple and often overlooked marketing basics that can, and should, be put into place to generate solid business growth.

David Eichenbaum
Author of ‘The Business Rules’ and CEO of Eichenbaum & Associates

"I really enjoyed working with Amy. She helped me expand my outlook on my business and my vision and gave me new possibilities and a new way of seeing things. Amy gave me the professional and external vision of things that is often missing when you manage a business alone."

Nathalie Vignot Mei
Villa Medici

"What I found great, is that you talk about many different marketing methods that you have compiled. And when you're not an expert marketer, it is very useful to have an overview of the whole thing and to plan many differents marketing actions. You can be sure that I am using some of your advice. I have begun offering a "translation test" with the "satisfied or you don't pay" method."

Karine Marth

“Finally a business presentation that says something and doesn’t bore the pants off you. Bravo”

Maryna Blankenstein

Working with Amy has been the difference between success and failure for us.

Audrey Faine, Partner

“Their work was on time, within budget and of excellent quality, what more could you want?”

Louise Barber, Global Continuity
The Walt Disney Company

“We have been working with Foxwell Associates for over 4 years, throughout which they have been instrumental in developing the framework of many key programs. They bring the talent of both analytical theory and practical experience which has been invaluable for the growth of our business. Foxwell Associates has been a great strategic partner and most appreciated for their flexibility, their professionalism and their ability to be both proactive as well as reactive.”

Ami Blaire, Global Marketing Director
Xbox Live (Microsoft)

“Working with Foxwell Associates really helped us build an actionable marketing strategy for Channel 4. We needed general strategic analysis and insight, coupled with a focused action plan that would see us make big, easy wins. The end result was an easy to understand recommendation that gained buy-in across the company and that we were able to execute immediately. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.”

Tracey Blacher, Head of New Media Marketing
Channel 4