Restaurant Promotional Ideas: Mother’s Day

As a restaurant owner you can’t afford to miss any special occasions to fill your restaurant and get more customers. You’ll also want to use these times to upsell and get more out of the customers that do come through your doors. Two do this you’ll want to have a two pronged restaurant marketing strategy: one to get new customers, and the other to sell more to them.
In the first case think about what restaurant promotional ideas that will make you stand out from the crowd, and then be sure to communicate around the ideas. Get a photographer in for the day, give away flowers, offer free champagne to all mothers. And make sure to communicate about your special restaurant marketing activities in ads, brochures, flyers, emails and wherever else you can.
in the second case develop a special high end menu to celebrate the occasion. When customers are looking to celebrate they are not normally pinching pennies, so this is the perfect time to get more money out of your restaurant customers.
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