Restaurant Marketing Tips: Listening to Your Restaurant

The other day I got some very good insight on a customer’s experience of a restaurant that I am working with as a restaurant marketing company. OK, so I was eavesdropping, which, as everyone knows, is not a polite thing to do. But all is fair in love and business. As I was carrying out an audit of a client’s restaurant I overheard a customer say to her companion ‘I used to come here all the time, but I got so tired of hearing the same music over and over that I stopped coming.’ Sure enough, when I checked with the owner he had not only been playing the same music for months, but he always turned it on at the same time, so even the order of the songs was the same. You see, he had made a lot of effort to create a great compilation one time, and once that job was ticked off his list he just completely forgot about it. And while we may concentrate a lot of our time focusing on restaurant marketing, let’s not forget that the customer’s experience of your restaurant itself is key to your success. Every so often you’ll need to break away from the details and just sit quietly for a moment to get a good feel for what your customer experiences and ways in which you can improve this. One often overlooked aspect to a restaurant’s ambiance is sound. Is your restaurant too noisy for people to enjoy themselves? Is the music in line with their tastes? Go on, take a few minutes, grab a coffee and sit quietly to listen to your restaurant. You’ll be surprised at what you hear.