Restaurant Marketing Tips: Effective Restaurant Advertising

We all know that it’s a good idea to listen to your staff, but sometimes I think we forget that since they are in the thick of it they more than likely have some great ideas (probably even better than yours!). I, for one, am also guilty of this. And so, when one of my staff said, ‘Hey, we need to shake up the blog some. We have so many great examples of both bad and good restaurant advertising, why don’t we just post one of them to really show restaurant owners what we are talking about?’ GREAT idea. So without further ado, have a look at this example of what to do and not to do with your next restaurant advertisement.

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In this restaurant advertisement they have used their logo as the headline – this is an all too common mistake. Grab your reader’s eye with an offer they just can’t refuse, not yet another logo that is ignored like all the other logos that mean more to the business owner than the customer. And make sure there is a way to track the advertisement to see if it has been effective or not. Tell the customer has to bring in a coupon or mention the offer when reserving. What’s the point of spending your restaurant marketing money if it’s not an effective spend? Make sure you can judge what brings in more restaurant customers so you can do more of it, and what doesn’t so you can stop wasting money on it.