Restaurant Marketing Tips – Branding by Association

After learning about restaurant partnering and networking, one of our restaurant mentoring club members clinched a great partnership deal with a very well respected hospitality brand, and boy, were we proud! Both sides got quite a lot of uptake out of the deal, touched new customers and were pleased with the way the partnership helped their business. A clear win win restaurant marketing solution. However when we checked in with the member’s website we were struck by something, or rather, the lack of something. And that was any communication whatsoever about the partnership. Where they should have placed the partner’s well known hospitality brand proudly on the front page of their site and all restaurant marketing communications they just hadn’t thought to do this. Partnering is fantastic for the restaurant business – it improves the bottom line, builds your network and allows you access to customers that you may never have been able to reach otherwise. But it doesn’t stop there. People will automatically transfer the brand attributes of your partner on to your restaurant. For example, if you are wearing a Rolex then people will assume that you too have the characteristics of a Rolex – classic, high quality and good taste. And your restaurant can also leverage this phenomena known as ‘branding by association’. This is why it is important to be careful of the partners that you choose for your restaurant business. And once you have a partnership, then you need to flaunt it, put their logo on your restaurant website and all of your restaurant marketing materials. And this can apply not only to commercial partnerships, but to your restaurant supplier partnerships; if you serve a strongly branded wine or from a well respected organic farm then make sure to communicate around this. After all our parents were right – show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are.