Restaurant Marketing Tip: How to Start a Restaurant – Installment 1

If you dream of starting a restaurant you may have quite a few questions as to how to open a restaurant business. Questions such as what the cost to start a restaurant is, how about starting a franchise restaurant? There are lots of questions on how to open a restaurant. So here, in installment 1 of our new series on opening a restaurant are just a few tips for a starting restaurant:

– Location, location, location. This phrase doesn’t exist for nothing. It is the number one thing you have to think about for a restaurant start up. Believe me, because I know all about it. My first restaurant was lost in a town miles from any cities. And BOY did I suffer. Actually that is why I’m so good at restaurant marketing now, because I had to market the heck out of the establishment just to make it crawl. Won’t ever do that again!

– After that  you will want to make a starting a restaurant checklist. This will help you organize your thoughts. You’ll need to note the cost of starting a restaurant business, what you need to start a restaurant, etc.

– Surround yourself with people that know what they are doing when starting a restaurant business. This is key. This is what sets successful people apart from people that just get by. Successful people know how to use other people for what they are good at. No use re-invenitng the wheel. Ask around, get advice, talk to old hats, join your local restaurant association. Don’t be shy, most people want to help, so ask away. You’ll save lots of time and heartache as you open your restaurant.

-Make sure you have your restaurant marketing plans in place BEFORE you open. You’ll need to make sure that you have people coming in as soon as your restaurant doors open. So you’ll want to have your restaurant marketing campaigns all ready, including the basic restaurant marketing that you’ll need to have in place on a consistent basis.

Well, that’s all for this installment. Come visit us again for more tips on how do you start a restaurant.

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