Restaurant Marketing Strategies – Is your Menu Making You Money?


When is the last time that you had a good look at your restaurant menu? I don’t just mean if it seems appetizing or not (although obviously that is an important consideration). But have you analysed your restaurant menu choices in more detail? Do you know what sells and what doesn’t? Do you know what you do well and when needs improvement? And even more importantly, do you know which of your restaurant menu entries make you money and which ones don’t? A restaurant manager can greatly affect his bottom line by analysing both the performance and the margins on each of the menu choices. This analysis should be done on a regular basis and your in-house restaurant marketing should take the information into account; culling entries that cost you money or that restaurant customers don’t like, and promoting actively the menu choices that are winners for both  you and your customers. In our Win Win Restaurant Marketing System we show you how to do this analysis step by step and help you put a process in place to carry out the analysis on a regular basis. Just another way that we help our members increase their restaurant profits immediately.