Restaurant Marketing Newsletters

Restaurant marketing newsletter exampleWe’ve had some fantastic feedback on our restaurant marketing newsletters. And no wonder, they are easy to implement and highly effective activity for any restaurant marketing strategy.

Here’s what Emma had to say “I’ve been meaning to put a restaurant newsletter in place for ages, but I just could never get around to it. I guess I was a bit daunted about how much work it would be. But with these templates that are already put together, along with the helpful restaurant marketing tips, I put them in place really easily and am already seeing the return. DEFINITELY worth the $4.97 price tag.”

Here are a few tips to make your restaurant newsletter successful :

  • Photos of new dishes whet the appetite and create the magic, the restaurant kitchen at work, the newest member of staff, and of course you yourself.
  • Include some type of offer to encourage people to visit your restaurant, and make sure that the customers have to bring in a coupon or the newsletter itself to redeem the offer so that you can track results. We suggest adding something (a free cocktail, etc) rather than discounting (see more on offers in the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Back to Basics Guide).
  • Make the newsletter personal – make sure to sign off with your own signature and a picture of yourself or the manager. Customers like to know they are doing business with a real person.
  • Include snippets about your restaurant from testimonials, great reviews, press articles, endorsements, etc.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words. Use images to bring interest to your content and encourage customers to read your newsletter. Photos of new dishes whet the appetite, the kitchen at work, the newest members of staff, and of course a picture of you yourself.
  • Include the menu to encourage people to come to the restaurant
  • To cut down on content creation time and effort, have your staff participate in creating content by including their favorite quote or recipe, a story about their favorite client or a QA column about a well liked staff member.

Most of all, be creative and have fun creating your restaurant newsletter. People want interesting information to cut through the marketing clutter, and chances are, if you’ve had fun putting together your restaurant newsletter, your customer will have fun reading it.

Whether you use a template that has already been created for you, or you start from scratch, we highly recommend using restaurant newsletters as a proven means to increase repeat visits and create restaurant customer loyalty.