Restaurant Father’s Day Promotions

Well, we made it through Mother’s Day, so now let’s move on to Father’s Day. These types of special occasions are powerful ways for restaurants to get new customers, and encourage existing customers to come back. Our Mother’s Day promos worked fantastically. So here are some tips to use in your restaurant marketing to leverage Father’s Day:

How a Father’s Day restaurant promo should work:

  • Decide what special things you will do for Father’s Day. Will you create a special offer? Have specific Father’s Day activities?
  • Plan the ways that you will communicate around your program and the timing.
  • Begin 1 month before Father’s Day and send reminders up until the day.
  • All staff must be aware of the program, understand how it works and why you are doing it.
  • You must have a way to track all of your marketing activities (for more information see the chapter on ‘Metrics’ in the WWRM manual).  Complete Return on Investment calculations on each activity (use the ‘ROI’ tool on the WWRM CD). Compare the results, modify the activities, eliminate those that aren’t working and keep the ones that are.

Some Father’s Day restaurant promotion ideas:

Be creative and think about what you yourself would appreciate as a family.

  • Have a photographer in the restaurant (or arm one of your staff with a camera) to take snapshots of the family. Take their email and send them a copy of the photo. This gives you a great reason to take their contact details that you can later use to do further marketing.
  • Create ‘Father’s Week’ and celebrate with special Father’s Offers all through the week. This is a great service for those who can’t make the actual day (like restaurant owners) and helps you fill down times.
  • Offer a free glass of champagne to all fathers and/or their families.
  • Have a raffle that you enter all fathers in when reserving and have the draw on the day.

Multiple restaurant marketing methods are most effective:

By using multiple methods at the same time you will improve your results.

  • Place a small LOCAL ad in a very targeted publication. Make sure that your ad follows the guidelines for effective advertising (see the ‘Effective Advertising’ chapter in the WWRM manual and take a look at the ‘Ad Critiques’ on the WWRM CD)
  • One month before Father’s day send first an email, then two weeks before send a postcard to your existing customer base.
  • Send a press release to your list of journalists. Make sure to have a great angle or twist to your story (see the ‘Free Publicity’ chapter in the WWRM manual). Make sure to do this at least 1 month before mother’s day and then follow up with phone calls.
  • Starting one month before the day begin giving postcards out with your customer’s bill, as well as to anyone else you come in contact with, explaining what you are doing for ‘Father’s Week’, suggesting people reserve immediately.
  • Partner with a neighboring business to create an ‘experience’. Perhaps a bookstore or movie theater. Create a package together and then all parties should market it.
  • Put up a poster on your own door and anywhere else you can.

Even better – use the complimentary ‘Done for You’ Father’s Day Restaurant Promotion Campaign from Win Win Restaurant Marketing and you’ll have everything you need already completed and ready for you to use. What could be easier?