Restaurant Advertising Tips – Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

It seems like such an insignificant thing a ‘call to action’, so why is it so important to make your restaurant advertising effective? Well, firstly, what do we mean exactly by a ‘call to action’? Basically we mean telling the customer what you want them to do. EXACTLY what you want them to do. And while it may seem blatantly obvious to you what you need the customer to do, it isn’t always to the customer. If you don’t ask them for something, and tell them exactly how to do it, you are wasting a precious opportunity to make the customer follow through on your restaurant marketing campaign. Call to actions are phrases like ‘Click here to reserve’, ‘Call now to make a reservation’, or ‘Book your seat today’. Just consider that your restaurant customer is a bit simple and that you need to hold their hand and practically click, dial or pick up the phone for them. If you already have a restaurant advertisement in place without a call to action, I suggest you add one and see the difference in your results. Or, if you are creating restaurant publicity now, then make sure that this is on the ‘must have’ items for your ad. Make sure to have a look at our restaurant ad templates in the Win Win Restaurant Marketing Mentoring Club to get an idea of the types of call to actions that have got the best results getting customers in the door of our clients’ restaurants.