Marketing a Restaurant – To Advertise or Not to Advertise

Restaurant advertising is one of those things that our members want us to help them with immediately. They always come to us skeptical about marketing in general because of all of the moeny they’ve spent on advertising and for, well, really no results at all. And we understand that skepticism. But lets first get two things straight: a) restaurant marketing isn’t just about advertising. Actually advertising is just one of a multitude of restaurant marketing activities, and is often the least efficient b) restaurant advertising can be a good thing, but only if it’s done well.

As a restaurant owner, make sure that you have the foundations in place and are carrying out the basic restaurant marketing actions, such as a referral program, a ‘keep ’em coming  back’ program as well as menu management, the right pricing and great customer service program. These are essential restaurant marketing programs that will help you increase your restaurant’s profits immediately.

Secondly, if you are going to do restaurant advertising and promotions, make sure that you are doing it correctly. Among other things: have a compelling headline ( your restaurant name or logo is not a compelling headline),  have a call to action, have some sort of offer and put the value of the offer clearly in the restaurant advertisement. The difference between a few key rules applied to your restaurant advertising can mean the difference between a  return on your money of 0 or 100%. Why not join our free trial and use one of the many done – for – you templates of restaurant advertisements in our Win Win Restaurant Marketing System.