Marketing a Restaurant: Using the Holidays to Fill Down Times

Oh yea, here we go, already talking about Christmas, and we will be now for more than a month. But whether we like it or not, that is what everyone is thinking about, and to have effective restaurant marketing you need to be talking about what your customers are thinking about. Being timely is very important to ensure effective restaurant marketing campaigns. But instead of trying to compete with everyone’s offer of Christmas meals or catering, why not try to capitalize on other moments around the holiday season? Here’s a great restaurant marketing tip: offer a ‘shopping break’ coupon for a hot mulled wine and piece of pie to fill afternoon dead time. Or what about partnering with a nearby shop who can send their shoppers to you for a quick pick me up after their purchases are paid for. Get creative, but stay timely, that’s an important restaurant marketing strategy to keep in mind for this time of the year.