Marketing a Restaurant – Be Somebody

Enough hiding in the kitchen or behind your desk. As much as a mad creative chef or busy restaurateur can sound like an attractive persona, the truth is your customer wants to know you. Leveraging your personality and that of your staff can be a huge advantage, and one that can pay off when facing competition from other restaurants. Sure, people like the food, the decoration and the ambiance. But here’s a restaurant marketing tip to note: the real clincher, the thing that makes them keep coming back again and again is the PERSONALITY of your restaurant. And it’s staff and management. Firstly  make sure to have a persona and be visible, both in your restaurant and in the community. Secondly make sure to add personal touches wherever you can. In emails, when greeting customers. Every personalized detail will make for a welcoming and pleasant experience as a whole. For more easy to implement restaurant marketing strategies check out our free trial for the Win Win Marketing System.