Amy Foxwell is a restaurant owner and a renowned expert in small business and restaurant marketing. Her business goals are clear: to help restaurant owners and managers succeed; in her eyes, if her clients succeed, then she succeeds. Amy strongly believe that small business is the backbone of society, and that embarking on the adventure of a small business builds confidence and self-esteem. As she puts it “Helping restaurant owners and managers by passing my knowledge on, well, I can’t think of a better business to be in.”

Amy Foxwell, WinWin Restaurant Marketing strategies and tips for restaurant owners Amy Foxwell is the owner of Foxwell Associates and creator of the Win Win Marketing series, including the well-known Win Win Restaurant Marketing System and elite members only club. For over 15 years she worked throughout the world with Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Disney and AOL, as well as small businesses and start-ups to develop winning marketing strategies. Then she met, fell in love and started a restaurant with her French chef partner, and using her expert marketing skills, turned it into a huge success and THE go-to restaurant in the area. After applying her marketing skills to her own restaurant, she began using her knowledge to help colleagues and clients apply easy, effective and affordable marketing to their food industry businesses. She is now a recognized restaurant marketing expert who has applied her business knowledge to the restaurant and food industry with outstanding results.

Foxwell is VP of her local small business network, member of many business networks and is a frequent contributor and speaker on marketing topics. Her goal is to help restaurants both large and small achieve long-term growth. She feels strongly that successful customer-centric businesses are the backbone of a strong and happy society, and helping restaurant owners with the Win Win Marketing System has become the focus of her professional life.

She is author of several marketing books and industry-specific marketing and business systems such as Win Win Marketing and the Win Win Restaurant Marketing System.

Foxwell Associates has offices in both the US and France. Amy Foxwell is an avid foodie and lives between the south of France and the US with her partner, restaurateur and chef Jean Sébastien, and her two children.