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May 27 11

Thanks to Tim Sanders!

by amyfoxwell

Tim Sanders, the well-known guru and author of  ‘Love is the Killer App’ and ‘Today We Are Rich’ just gave Win Win Marketing a wonderful endorsement:

“Marketing is a conversation and Amy’s book will help you take it to a higher place.”

Every author loves an endorsement, but when it comes from a world-class author like Tim Sanders, one is truly chuffed! Thanks Tim.

Apr 4 11

“Finally a business presentation that says something and doesn’t bore the pants off you. Bravo”

by amyfoxwell

Mar 11 11

5 Easy Marketing Actions to Take Today

by amyfoxwell
Jan 23 11

Ideas for Effective Marketing Communication

by amyfoxwell

How you communicate is absolutely key to making your marketing budget effective. Have you created an effective marketing message for your products? Have you prepared key marketing assets that will make your marketing time that much more efficient? A marketing agency provides some answers, but everyone could use some advice, experienced or not. Have a look at this presentation for some simple and affordable ideas for your marketing communication strategy.

Dec 28 10

The Power of Free

by amyfoxwell

A reoccurring resistance from business owners is that they are afraid of leveraging strong offers like free. But if you are confident in your product, and are convinced that you will get repeat customers once they have discovered your business, then the up-sell far outweighs the expense and the few people that will take advantage of your offer and never spend another cent with you. The cost of what you give away is small in comparison with the upsurge in business that results. read more…

Dec 16 10


by amyfoxwell

Finally! My book ‘Win Win Marketing- The Essential Guide to Increasing Profits, Getting New Customers and Growing Your Business in Today’s Markets’, is finished and on the shelves!!

Writing it was a long journey, but a truly satisfying one. Over the years of helping both small and large business people I came to realize that there were some bits of business wisdom that everyone should have in their pocket to refer to and keep top of mind as they developed their business. Win Win Marketing is just that. A collection of quick, practical and easy to implement marketing and business strategies that will help experienced business people and newcomers alike as they grow their businesses and increase their profits.

It is my hope that this book will accompany business leaders through their professional life, helping them to grow strong, customer friendly, WIN WIN businesses.

Nov 25 10

Learning Marketing

by amyfoxwell

Here is something for small business owners to think about.

How long did it take you to become good at your trade?

How many years did you spend studying, training, attending professional conferences, doing exams, going to demonstrations?

And yet now all of the sudden, you find yourself in business with something else that you have to be good at. Very, very good at: marketing and business skills. After all, the success of a business is directly linked to it’s marketing. read more…